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Since 1971; Timeline Of Jack’s Delaware Journey:

*1971;  Started As An Undergraduate Student; The University Of Delaware | Bloomsburg (University Of Pennsylvania) Consortium Oceanography Studies; Summer Core Samples *1994; Purchased A Home, In Bethany Beach, Delaware. *2011; Bought A Home And Moved To  District 20, Delaware.In 2018 Jack Is "A Retired Executive & Educator With A Solid Moral Compass."


Why  Follow Jack's Programs? "Because Past History Predicts Future Success In A Leaders' Skill Set When Running  Organizations";  Accountability And Results Do Matter:

Sussex County, Delaware Will Be  Rapidly Facing The Future In The Next Five Years With Serious  Growth Challenges Impacting Our Communities.  Jack Has The Proven Skill Set Needed To Monitor  And Talk With The Key Stakeholders Of The Coming Wave. This Has Been Demonstrated Time And Time Again.

The Old Boyds Bear Saying Comes To Mind Here: "No Points For Rain Predicting, Points Only Awarded For Ark Building!"

As A Re-Occurring  Example, Jack Brought  His Past Employees Together To Get The Job Done Inclusively.  In Every Business He Built :

  • Sales And Profits Went Up For Shareholders.
  • Supply Chains Went Local Whenever Possible.
  • Jobs Increased.
  • Worker's Environment, And Benefits Improved.
  • Wages Went Up.
  • Community, Environment, And Infrastructure Growth  Balance Was A Respected Part Of Every Yearly Business Plan.
  • Jack's Mindset Is Always With An Eye Toward Mutual Respect. He Often Is Heard To Say; "Everyone Is As Good As, But Never Better Than Anyone Else".

Who Is Jack? What Are  Some Concrete Examples Of His Past Business Results?:

An M&A / C-Level Executive History, Respectfully, With More Home Runs Than Most. Winning Transactions Are A Habit; All Bases Touched Every Time. Grand Slams Include; Lead Manager On Three LBOs And One IPO.

✔ Ignited 3 large national manufacturing | marketing companies top line growth; tripling 7 figure EBITDA's (Bottom Line).


✔ Wheelhouse is Sales | Marketing | Investment Banking | SAAS | Supply Chain Sourcing | OEM | and Private Label Manufacturing. Jack has over 29 years of international/domestic business travel/transactions (North America, Asia, Europe, Central, And South America).

✔Additional talents include; re-shoring worldwide supply chain sourcing and "Made In America" development of original private label consumer products (Green Plastics, Chocolates, Confections, Gift, and SAAS Software).

✔ General Manager (GM) responsibilities included total P/L for a multi- plant international and domestic, hospital laboratory equipment manufacturing company. Managed all; Operations, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, SaaS I.T., Finance, Distribution, Engineering, HR, Q&A, Purchasing and Off Shore OEM. Organizational Infrastructure; 10 direct VP & Department Head reporting senior executives.


"Made In DelMarVa" scientific grade  O.E.M.  green  plastic products.  Customer base included  manufacturing for the NIH (National Institute Of Health), and cancer research hospitals wordwide.

✔ Finished the last Fiscal Year with 11.1% top line growth and positive 7 figure EBITDA (Bottom Line).




Jack Bucchioni welcomes Russ Logiudice, founder of the decades old Great Valley Youth Camp, to the Cape Henlopen Park for the annual outdoor education week with hundreds of middle school students. Russ and Jack were college roommates back in the day.


          Delaware U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester and John Bucchioni

Candidate for State Representative In Delaware, John (Jack) Bucchioni, Joann Conaway, and Delaware U.S. Senator Tom Carper




2020 | 2021 Award Winner For Excellence In Delaware Journalism





 John (Jack) is a fourth generation American.  He is a former educator/international businessman who takes great pride in his Italian, Irish, and English ancestry.


John's College Football Teammates; Still Stay Connected Through Delaware Area Reunions. We Are Not Done Yet!

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*John (Jack) Bucchioni was born in the Boston  Massachusetts area, raised in Upstate New York, graduating from Maine-Endwell High School.  Jack thrived on an early career in teaching,  then international business,  mostly in the consumer products channels of chocolate, custom teddy bears, and original medical equipment manufacturer. Jack, and his wife Linda, enjoy 2 sons, one daughter, and 5 grandchildren.

He first landed in Delaware in 1971 living at the Coast Guard station, now under the windmill in Lewes. Early 2nd street back then was where neighbors still looked you in the eye and stopped to discuss the local news. Sussex Countians grounded Jack from that point on shaping his view of the world.

Jack holds a B.S. in education from Bloomsburg (University of Pennsylvania) and a master's degree in education from Binghamton University (New York).

___________________________                    Retired Member                                                  Local 2762

These  Are Jack's  Selected Sussex County Service Organizations:






Today I Was Proud To Help My Milton Lions Club Build A Custom Wheel Chair Handicap Ramp In One Day (Feb 2018) Under The Direction Of Dr. Mike Mock And His Wife Doris.


Jack, taught in the classroom, starting in North Philadelphia, then in Johnson City, New York for 7 years.  He was also a New York State Department of Education demonstration teacher.

He, proudly, is a retired member of the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) And The National Education Association.

Known as “The Teacher’s Teacher” Jack’s career moved on to  training, evaluating, and supervising numerous educators seeking Master’s Degrees  at Binghamton University as an Adjunct Professor.

Re-inventing himself In the design, marketing, and manufacturing space, Jack worked in the consumer products industry. International travel became commonplace for over 29 years and launched his core career.

Jack prides himself on having frequently visited schools and small businesses in 49 of the 50 American states. He expanded his ventures  to include England, Italy, China, Central America, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand over that time period.

Jack spent years developing innovative re-shoring manufacturing operations to be "Made In America" products. China off-shore manufacturing was carefully integrated and migrated  With High-Speed Internet Infrastructure to bring jobs back to the USA logically and methodically.

Having a successful  "track record" of building these various well known, American,  DelMarVa,  & China manufacturing ventures, Jack was recruited for a re-occurring panel chair on The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania’s Global Consulting Practicum.  There he mentors and critiques Wharton students studying for their MBA degrees.


He is also on the Board of Director’s (Emeritus) for the Somerset Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His public biography is fully listed in "Outstanding Young Men Of America" and “Who’s Who in America” for further details.

In business, Jack rose to the elected national office of President of the NAFC  (National Association Of Fundraising Companies).  As a unique aside, Jack was a repeat QVC Television Network “On Air” live TV Guest Host back in the day.

Jack Bucchioni is Now Your Host On Blue Coast Talk Media And Audio Podcasts.